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Medicare V1 Compressor Nebuliser


Medicare V1 compressor Nebuliser.

Short Inhalation Time – Easy to use.

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Product Information

The Medicare V1 Compressor Nebuliser is a robust nebuliser, ideal for home based, frequent use by adults or children. This highly effective nebuliser combines a short inhalation time with intelligent medication delivery thanks to its powerful compressor. The compressor generates a steam of compressed air which breaks up liquid medication and converts it into a mist so it can be easily and more effectively inhaled by the patient through the mask, nosepiece or mouthpiece.
Suitable for people with respiratory illnesses like Asthma, COPD & Cystic Fibrosis
What is a nebuliser?
A nebuliser is a device that converts certain medications or sterile saline solutions from liquid form to a mist so that a person may inhale it into their lungs. The purpose of a nebuliser is similar to that of an asthma inhaler and is used as an alternative to a m etered dosage from an inhaler
Why would I use a nebuliser?
Nebulised therapy is often used to give high doses of reliever medication in emergency situations and can also be used as a more comfortable and effective delivery system of medication on a regular basis. A nebuliser will turn your medicine into a mist, making it easy and pleasant to breathe the medicine directly into your lungs. Taking slow, deep breaths for 10 to 15 mins allows the medicine to be fully absorbed into the lungs. Nebulisers are often used by people with respiratory conditions such as COPD, Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis.
What are the benefits of using a nebuliser?
One of the key benefits of inhalation is the fact that the medication is delivered directly into the respiratory tract, allowing for a high drug concentration in the target area. Nebulising medication can even have a greater clinical effect compared to similar or larger doses delivered orally (tablets) or by subcutaneous injection. Studies have also shown that this can lead to better treatment results than using inhalers aloneAccessories Included:
• Atomiser x 1
• Mouthpiece x 1
• Connecting Tube (1.5m) x 1
• Adult Mask x 1
• Child Mask x 1
• Nosepiece x 1
• Filters x 10